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Ecological Genomics Journal Club

The Ecological Genomics Journal Club encourages involvement from new participants in a variety of disciplines. The Ecological Genomics Journal Club meets on Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m. in 232 Ackert Hall. The group discusses papers, research and ideas at the intersection of ecology and genomics. Anyone interested in this emerging field is encouraged to attend.

January 19Organizational Meeting 
January 27Elizabeth EvermanGenetic adaptation to climate in white spruce involves small to moderate allele frequency shifts in functionally diverse genes 
February 3Samantha SharpeGenome-wide genetic diversity of rove beetle populations along a metal pollution gradient 
February 10Ryan Greenway

Thermal adaptation and acclimation of ectotherms from differing aquatic climates

February 17Phil Freda

Resolving the genetic paradox in invasive species

Transposable elements as agents of rapid adaptation may explain the genetic paradox of invasive species

February 24Phil Freda

Transposable element islands facilitate adaptation to novel environments in an invasive species

March 2 Samantha Sharpe

Epigenetic Mechanisms and Microbiota as a Toolbox for Plant Phenotypic Adjustment to Environment

March 9Matt GalliartDNA methylation in Arabidopsis has a genetic basis and shows evidence of local adaptation 
March 16Spring Break 
March 23Jake Alsdurf

Gene expression under thermal stress varies across a geographical range expansion front

March 30canceled


April 6Ryan GreenwayComprehensive Transcriptome Analysis of Six Catfish Species from an Altitude Gradient Reveals Adaptive Evolution in Tibetan Fishes
April 13Matt Galliart

Evidence of divergent selection for drought and cold tolerance at landscape and local scales in Abies alba Mill. in the French Mediterranean Alps.

April 20Loretta Johnson

Evolution of stickleback in 50 years on earthquake-uplifted islands

April 27canceled 
May 4Loretta Johnson

A beak size locus in Darwin’s finches facilitated character displacement during a drought