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Ecological Genomics Institute

2010 Publications

Hector, A., Y. Hautier, P. Saner, L. Wacker, R. Bagchi, J. Joshi, M. Scherer-Lorenzen, B. Schmid, E. M. Spehn, E. Bazeley-White, M. Weilenmann, M. C. Caldeira, P. G. Dimitrakopoulos, J. Finn, K. Huss-Danell, A. Jumpponen, C. P. H. Mulder, C. Palmborg, J. S. Pereira, D. Siamantziouras, A. C. Terry, A. Y. Troumbis, B. Schmid, M. Loreau. 2010. General stabilizing effects of plant diversity on grassland productivity through population asynchrony and overyielding. Ecology 91: 2213-2220.  
Jumpponen, A., Keating, K. Gadbury, G.L., Jones, K.L. and Mattox, J.D. 2010. Multi-element fingerprinting and high throughput sequencing identify multiple elements that affect fungal communities in Quercus macrocarpa foliage. Plant Signaling and Behavior 5: 1157-1161 
Jumpponen, A. and Jones, K.L. 2010. Seasonally dynamic fungal communities in Quercus macrocarpaphyllosphere differ among urban and rural environments. New Phytologist 186: 496-513  
Jumpponen, A. Jones, K.L. and Blair, J. 2010. Vertical distribution of fungal communities in tallgrass prairie soil. Mycologia 102: 1027-1041.  
Jumpponen, A., Jones, K.L., Mattox, J.D. and Yeage, C. 2010. Massively parallel 454-sequencing of fungal communities in Quercus spp. ectomycorrhizas indicates seasonal dynamics in urban and rural sitesMolecular Ecology 19 (Suppl. 1): 41-53. 
Mandyam, K. Loughlin, T., and Jumpponen A. 2010. Isolation and morphological and metabolic characterization of common endophytes in annually burned tallgrass prairie. Mycologia 102: 813-821.

Nilsson, R.H., Veldre, V., Hartmann, M., Unterseher, M., Amend, A., Bergsten, J., Kristiansson, E., Ryberg, M., Jumpponen, A., Abarenkov, K. 2010. An open source software package for rapid, automated extraction of ITS1 and ITS2 from fungal ITS sequences for use in high-throughput community assays and molecular ecology. Fungal Ecology, 3: 284-287. DOI: 10.1016/j.funeco.2010.05.002

Walker, J.F., Johnson, L.C., Simpson, N.B., Bill, M. and Jumpponen, A. 2010. Application of fungistatics in soil reduces N uptake by an arctic ericoid shrub (Vaccinium vitis-idaea). Mycologia 102: 822-834.