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Ecological Genomics Institute

2008 Publications

Anderson T.D., Jin-Clark Y., Begum K., Starkey S.R. & Zhu, K. Y. 2008.  Gene expression profiling reveals decreased expression of two hemoglobin genes associated with increased consumption of oxygen in Chironomus tentans exposed to atrazine:  A possible mechanism for adapting to oxygen deficiency.  Aquatic Toxicology  86:  148-156. 

Fehlberg, S. D., K. A. Ford, M. C. Ungerer and C. J. Ferguson. 2008. Development, characterization and transferability of microsatellite markers for the plant genus Phlox (Polemoniaceae). Molecular Ecology Resources 8: 116-118.

Hogenhout,S.A., Ammar, E.D., Whitfield, A.E., and Redinbaugh, M.G. 2008. Insect vector interactions with persistently transmitted viruses. Annual Review of Phytopathology 46:327-359.

Olsen, K.M. and Ungerer, M.C. (2008). Freezing tolerance and cyanogenesis in white clover (Trifolium repens L. Fabaceae). International Journal of Plant Sciences 169:1141-1147.

Sotelo, P. C., P. Voothuluru, S. Starkey and C. M. Smith. Categories of resistance to the Russian wheat aphid biotype 2 operating in parents of aphid-resistant CIMMYT synthetic wheat lines. Journal of Econ. Entomol. (submitted). The Tribolium Genome Sequencing Consortium. (2008) The genome of the model beetle and pest Tribolium castaneum.  Nature 452:949-55.

Ungerer, M.C., Johnson, L.C., Herman, M.A. 2008 Ecological genomics: understanding gene functions in the natural environment. Heredity, 100, 178-183.

Whitfield, A.E., Kumar, N.K.K., Rotenberg, D., Willis, D.K, Ullman, D.E., and German T.L. 2008. Tomato spotted wilt virus glycoprotein GN inhibits virus transmission by thrips. Phytopathology 98:45-50.

Wisely, S.M., Santymire, R.M., Livieri, T.M., Mueting, S.A., Howard, J.G. 2008. Genotypic and phenotypic consequences of reintroduction history: case study of the black-footed ferret. Conservation Genetics 9:389-399.

Zhen Y and Ungerer MC. 2008. Clinal variation in freezing tolerance among natural accessions of Arabidopsis thaliana. New Phytologist 177:419-427