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Ecological Genomics Institute


  • We foster a fertile intellectual community of diverse participants (faculty, post-docs, students) from varied disciplines who are committed to advancing the field of ecological genomics by hosting the following programs:

♦ Annual symposium
♦ Summer Research Forum 
♦ Weekly journal club

  • We provide programs that support and promote collaborative Ecological Genomics research at the Institute as well as advance and guide the field at the national and international levels. 
  • We provide forums for dissemination of Ecological Genomics research within the university, nationally, and internationally. 
  • We facilitate the use and development of the newest state of the art technology and tools to enable Ecological Genomics projects to prosper and to spawn new projects, such as:

Techniques workshops:

♦ RT-PCR workshops
♦ RNAseq workshop
♦ R workshop
♦ MAXENT modeling workshop

KSU Genomics facilities available:

♦ Integrated Genomics Facility - IGF
♦ USDA Sequencing and Genotyping Center
♦ Bioinformatics Center

  • We train the next generation of scientists in cutting-edge Ecological Genomics research by developing an interdisciplinary graduate curriculum for a diverse student population.
  • We promote diversity in science by providing the following undergraduate research opportunities:  

♦ Research opportunities through the KSU Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (SUROP) and the KSU Developing Scholars Program.
♦ URM (Undergraduate Research and Mentoring) – a program Ecological Genomics Institute oversees
♦ REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) – a program Ecological Genomics Institute oversees

  • We disseminate knowledge to the general public by performing outreach activities that include educational opportunities for K-12 educators, such as:

♦ EIDRop