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Ecological Genomics Institute

Undergraduate Research & Mentoring

Undergraduate Research Scholarships Available

Interested in applying cutting edge biomedical techniques to studies about the natural world?
Explore the world of ecological genomics! The KSU Ecological Genomics Institute supports integrative research that seeks to understand the genetic mechanisms underlying adaptive responses of organisms to their environment. Join the lab of one of the 13 KSU Ecological Genomics Institute’s faculty mentors and discover the world of research.

Who should apply:
Undergraduates with interests in ecology, evolution and genomics that have at least 1 semester of research experience

Student benefits:
• excellent support for professional development
• $15,000 a year stipend
• hands on research experience
• summer housing

How to apply: Submit an application packet to Ms. Anita Cortez, 201 Holton Hall. The deadline to apply is March 31, 2015.

The application packet should include:
• Completed application form
• Official transcript
• Curriculum vitae/resume
• 1 page essay describing interests in research
• The names of 3 mentors (of the 13 available)

Selection of student scholars will be based on the quality of the application packet and academic record.

If selected, students will be expected to conduct research throughout the year and be available to begin May 2015.

Questions? Contact Dr. Ari Jumpponen (ari@ksu.edu), Dr. Michael Herman (mherman@ksu.edu) or Ms. Anita Cortez (cortez@ksu.edu).

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Funded by NSF

Sound too good to be true? Hear it straight from URM students and faculty!